Our Commitment

To provide first rate service to all of our members on a timely and professional basis and make available those tools with which to improve your ability to assist clients.

We will strive to help improve the knowledge, professionalism and profitability of all of our members.

Our Character

MAREMA is a nonprofit organization that uses all dues and other funds collected to pay the expenses of the organization and support quality seminars offered each year. We provide a monthly newsletter to members. The Officers and Directors are all volunteers and receive no compensation from MAREMA.

Our Membership

There are two classes of membership, designated as "Regular Member" and "Associate Member". Regular Members consist of individuals who are licensed as Real Estate Brokers, Broker-Salesmen and Salesmen, or Attorneys at Law whose primary business is Real Estate. Associate Members consist of allied professionals whose input will contribute to the promotion of the organization's objectives.

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